Miami Dade Corrections Officer Wants Justice After Attack

One of the world’s most dangerous professions is that of a correctional officer. These brave men and women are tasked with controlling inmate populations that contain some of the most violent and dangerous individuals in the country. Correctional officers often find themselves in dangerous positions while on the job, situations that can result in serious bodily harm or even death.

A Miami Dade corrections officer recently found this out in a very personal way, when she was attacked while on the job.

In December 2013, while responding to an intense and out of control fight, a Miami Dade corrections officer says that inmates on the 6th floor of the Miami-Dade Jail went out-of-control.

While attempting to help another corrections officer, who she believed was being attacked at the time, she herself was surrounded by inmates. One inmate in particular reportedly began to assault her, both physically and sexually.

The corrections officer did manage to get out of the situation without receiving critical injuries, and did go to the hospital to receive treatment. But, she never called 911 or filed a police report about the incident until March of 2014. She apparently believed that her superiors had called police, but found out three months after the incident that they had never been called.

Now, insisting she wants justice for what was done to her, the unnamed corrections officer is pursuing charges against the inmate who was her primary attacker.

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Officials are now investigating the attack in the city’s correctional system, which was at least partially caught on closed circuit surveillance camera.

The accused inmate has been arrested for his part in the attack, and is being charged with battery against a corrections officer. Meanwhile critics of Miami’s jail system are calling for an investigation into why police were not called immediately in the wake of the attack.