About CorrectionalOfficerEDU.org

Corrections – which involves the care, custody and control of inmates – is one of the most challenging and demanding of all civil service law enforcement professions.

Beyond simply serving as custodians to inmates in correctional facilities, correctional officers must have a keen sense of observation and awareness, and they must be culturally sensitive with excellent written and oral communication skills. They often serve as mentors, and their day-to-day tasks are often stressful and taxing. In short, today’s correctional officers are the eyes, ears and hearts of the correctional system, and their important role cannot be undervalued.

Individuals seeking correctional officer jobs, whether at the state or federal level, must possess key education and experience requirements, which often vary from state to state and even from city to city. We developed this site with aspiring correctional officers in mind. Our writers and researchers have taken great care to assemble the latest data, statistics, and employment requirements from judicial districts across the nation so as to offer a resource to men and women interested in pursuing careers in corrections.

We encourage visitors to use this site as a free resource for information related to new correctional officer careers – or advancement in a current career. It’s our way of saying thank you to the dedicated men and women of corrections.