Quick Work by Tennessee Correctional Officers Foils Escape Plan

Despite rigorous security and zealous correctional officers, some inmates still try to escape. And some even succeed.

Quick work by correctional officers in Tennessee foiled the escape plans of inmate Arthur Milks—a prisoner at Turney Center Industrial Complex in Hickman County.

After conducting a routine count, the prison’s correctional officers discovered that Milks had not returned from his work assignment in the prison. As a result, prison officials placed the facility on lockdown and activated emergency procedures.

The subsequent investigation by correctional officers indicated that Milks was planning an escape. Officers discovered the inmate trying to hide near the inmate food service area—his work location.

The Tennessee Department of Correction stresses that Milks never breached any fences and that he remained within the prison’s secure area.

Commissioner Tony Parks lauded the correctional officers for preventing the escape. In particular, he praised the team’s initial response. The combination of this response and the adherence to procedures and policy prevented the inmate’s escape.

The Commissioner also pointed out, that although rare, escape attempts do occur and that the officers “enhanced public safety.”

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Milks did manage to escape from a county facility in 2010 and has an extensive criminal background. Currently, he is serving time for multiple charges of burglary, felony theft, and vandalism in four counties: Henderson, Madison, Rutherford, and Wilson.

The Office of Investigation and Compliance of the Tennessee Department of Correction is leading the investigation into the escape attempt. When complete, the Office will present their findings to the local DA for prosecution.