Corrections Community Supports Officer’s Hopes for Organ Transplant

Corrections officers work tirelessly not just to keep prisoners contained, but to help them develop again into functioning members of society. However, on occasion they are called upon not just to serve their inmates but their fellow officers. Lt. Jeff Hedgecock of the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) in Nebraska has learned this first hand in his search for a kidney and liver transplant.

Lt. Hedgecock suffers from type 2 diabetes and has for some time. However, after his diagnosis with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and decreased kidney function, it has become necessary for Hedgecock to receive a transplant to keep his body functioning.

Hedgecock’s coworkers understand how tough this is for him. Citing a history of good health and his abstinence from alcohol, it would seem hard to understand how and why Hedgecock would be suffering now. Lt. Hedgecock was responsible for training many of his fellow officers in the LCSO, and is well liked and respected.

Hedgecock’s fellow officers and members of his community rallied together to help raise $1,385 in a raffle alongside over $2,500 raised by his four children and his daughter in law on a GoFundMe page. There will be another fundraiser, a luncheon benefit put on by the LCSO, on July 25 at the Fraternal Order of Eagles in Lincoln, Nebraska. The event will include a meal as well as a free will donation and silent auction.

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For those looking to contribute, donations can be made through NebraskaLand National Bank through the Jeff Hedgecock Medical Benefit Account or mailed to the sheriff’s office at 302 N. Jeffers St. Hedgecock’s story has been shared on news outlets and blogs throughout the corrections and law enforcement community. Through the efforts of his fellow officers and supporters, in Nebraska and otherwise, hopefully Lt. Hedgecock will be able to receive his transplant and recover quickly.

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