Corrections Officer of the Year in Carson City Inspires Prisoners and Co-Workers

After 27 years of service, David Osborne was recently named the Corrections Officer of the Year at Carson City Correctional Facility.

“I was surprised, very surprised actually […] but I couldn’t sit here today without all of the good people who are here with me”, Osborne said. “(The job) is easy when you are surrounded by good people.”

Cathleen Stoddard, the Warden of the Carson City Correctional Facility, has only good things to say about Osborne after working with him for most of his decorated career. She admits that he is always serious and responsible about his work and, most importantly, that he has a positive influence on the prisoners, which is of tremendous help in an environment where one is working with convicted criminals on a daily basis.

Jacque Koenigsknecht, the Administrative Assistant of the Correctional Facility, also sings Osborne’s praises, adding that his rapport with both the prisoners and staff is great. He goes on to say that Osborne is the “epitome of a good officer,” since he is quick on his feet and always able to come up with solutions to issues when they arise.

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Osborne knows that being a Corrections Officer is full of risk, but admits that he loves his job and that he can’t imagine doing anything else. He even recently revealed some of the secrets that have helped him be so successful for so long:

  • Pay careful attention to what happens in the facility so that nothing is a surprise
  • Be constant and have the same attitude day after day since this prevents the prisoners from taking anyone and anything for granted.

Even though being a Corrections Officer might seem too dangerous for many people, Osborne claims that each day has its own unique set of challenges, which is exactly why he loves what he does and strives to do the job as best as he can.