Edgefield County, South Carolina Corrections Officer
Job Description

South Carolina has four federal correctional facilities, one of which is the Federal Correctional Institution (FCI) Edgefield. FCI- Edgefield is located about 25 miles north of the state border between South Carolina and Georgia and is a medium security facility for male inmates only. The correctional institution is one of the largest in the state, with an inmate population of 1,152, and is one of the few facilities that is operating at full capacity.

The facility also has an adjacent camp, which is for minimum security inmates, that has a total population of 512 inmates. In total, the FCI- Edgefield facility supports 333 correctional officer and administrative staff jobs in the county, which makes it one of the largest employers of correctional officers in the state.

Hiring Process for Corrections Officers in Edgefield County

In order to obtain a correctional officer position in Edgefield County, applicants must complete the following steps:

Education Requirements – In order to become a correctional officer eligible for an entry-level position in Edgefield County, applicants must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university. The education requirement can be bypassed if an applicant has three years or more experience if the experience relates to one of the following skill sets:

  • Assistance, guidance and direction of individuals
  • Counseling
  • Emergency response
  • Supervisory or managerial experience
  • Teaching and instructing
  • Persuasive commissioned sales

Other fields closely related to the above skill sets can also qualify for experience requirements.

Special Qualifications – Applicants with 9 semester hours, or 14 quarterly hours, of college education in the criminology, criminal justice, the social sciences or a related field of study are eligible to receive a pay upgrade upon completion of the training academy. Also, those with at least one year of work experience in a related field, or military experience, are eligible for the pay upgrade and are given preference over other applicants during the initial hiring steps.

Age Requirement – All applicants must be at least 18 years of age, and no older than 37 to apply for a corrections officer job at FCI- Edgefield, unless they have previously worked in federal civilian law enforcement.

Training – All federal corrections officers must complete 200 hours of training at a Federal Bureau of Prisons residential training academy. Through training, recruits will learn defensive tactics, communication skills, departmental procedures and a plethora of other skills needed in order to complete the job successfully. Corrections officers will also receive certification in a variety of fields, including First Aid, CPR and weapons handling. Additional training is required after the first year of employment as well in order to keep up with new procedures, regulations and practices on the federal and state levels.

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