Mississippi Corrections Officer Job Description

As of 2013 Mississippi houses 20,585 prison inmates, which is a rate of 690 per 100,000 state residents. In 2011, Mississippi’s crime rate was four percent higher than the national average. Additionally, Mississippi has two federal correctional facilities within its borders. These institutions house an additional 6167 prisoners. Correctional officer jobs may be spread throughout the federal or state corrections systems in Mississippi.

Tips for Becoming a Correctional Officer in Mississippi

Educational Requirements

  • The federal correctional system requires federal correctional officers in Mississippi to have a bachelor’s degree for entry-level jobs. In lieu of a bachelor’s degree, candidates may claim experience as listed below.
  • The Mississippi Department of Corrections requires that state correctional officers have a high school diploma or GED.

Experience Requirements

  • For candidates who do not have a bachelor’s degree, entry-level federal correctional officer jobs may be obtained through three years of full-timework experience in any of these areas:
    • Guiding/directing others
    • Sales
    • Supervising others
    • Instruction of others
    • Emergency response
    • Counseling of others
    • The state of Mississippi does not require its correctional officer trainees to have experience in any particular area.

Other Conditions

  • The federal correctional system requires candidates to be younger than 37 at the time of application. All applicants must also be U.S. citizens.
  • The Mississippi Department of Corrections requires that all state correctional officers are at least 18 years of age, have no felony convictions on record, possess a driver’s license and possess a social security card.

Application Process to Become a Correctional Officer in Mississippi

  • Candidates may search for and apply for available federal correctional officer jobs at USAjobs.gov
    • All candidates must go through the interview and background investigation process.
    • Selected candidates also must pass a drug test and physical exam.
  • Available state correctional officer jobs are posted on the Mississippi Department of Corrections website.
    • Testing dates are listed. Interested candidates must report to the specified location on the testing date and time with proof of education, social security card, driver’s license, and names and contact information for five non-family references.
    • Those who pass the test may be called for a board interview
    • Additional pre-employment testing includes drug testing and a physical exam 

Training for Correctional Officers in Mississippi


Training for federal correctional officers in Mississippi takes place at their assigned correctional facility in the state and at the Federal Law Enforcement Center in Glynco, GA. Policies, procedures, rules, regulations, firearms and self-defense are just a few of the areas in which new officers receive instruction.


The Mississippi Department of Corrections provides 240 hours of new employee training at all of its facilities. Each year, correctional officers must complete 16 hours of general in-service training plus 40 hours of specific inmate contact training.

Mississippi’s Correctional Facilities


  • Correctional Institution Adams County, Natchez
  • Yazoo City Federal Correctional Complex, Yazoo City


  • Central Mississippi Correctional Facility, Pearl
  • Mississippi  State Penitentiary, Parchman
  • South Mississippi Correctional Institution, Leakesville

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