Minnesota Corrections Officer Job Description

The Minnesota Department of Corrections supports a staff of 4242 professionals of various kinds – 2118 of which are uniformed correctional officers. These corrections officers managed 9501 adult inmates and 132 juvenile offenders. In addition, the state houses four federal correctional institutions or facilities, so correctional officer jobs in Minnesota may be found at both the federal and state level.

How to Become a Correctional Officer in Minnesota

Educational Requirements

  • Federal correctional officer jobs in Minnesota fall into two categories, each with its own requirements:
    • GS5 (beginner) job –must have a bachelor’s degree or relevant experience as listed below
    • GS6 job – the next level –must have completed nine graduate semester hours in criminal justice, social science, criminology, law, or a related field, or substitute relevant experience as listed below
  • State correctional officer jobs in Minnesota require one of the following educational prerequisites:
    • Bachelor’s degree from accredited institution, OR
    • Associate’s degree in criminology, corrections, law enforcement, criminal justice, social work, psychology, sociology or a related discipline, OR
    • Fulfill this educational requirement by meeting one of the experience requirements (below)

Experience Requirements

  • Federal
    • GS5 level experience that may replace the educational requirement includes three years of full-time work in the following areas:
      • Guidance
      • Sales
      • Supervision
      • Instruction
      • Emergency response
      • Counseling
    • GS6 level experience that may replace the educational requirement includes one year of full-time work in the following areas:
      • Inmate management (correctional or mental health institution)
      • Responding to and handling domestic disturbances
      • Capture and arrest of lawbreakers
  • State
    • For applicants interested in becoming correctional officers in Minnesota, but who do not meet the education requirement above, one of the following must apply:
      • One year of full-time security experience in a correctional facility, OR
      • Three years of full-time experience in any line of work, OR
      • Honorable discharge from National Guard service or active military duty, or current member of National Guard, OR
      • Completion of Minnesota Correctional Facility internship

Other Requirements

  • Federal
    • Only applicants under the age of 37 are accepted
    • Only U.S. citizens are accepted
  • State
    • Only applicants who are at least 18 years old are accepted
    • Only applicants with a valid driver’s license are accepted

The Application Process for Becoming a Correctional Officer in Minnesota

  • Federal
    • Search and apply for openings in federal corrections officer positions at USAjobs.gov
    • Pass an oral interview and complete background investigation
    • Pass a drug test and a physical examination
  • State
    • Search and apply for openings for corrections officer positions at the State of Minnesota Career Opportunities website
    • Applicants who qualify will be notified by email of the date and time of the REACT test, given at the Department of Corrections Central Office in St. Paul. This test covers knowledge of report writing, reading, counting, and human relations
    • Applicants who pass the REACT test will be invited to interview in St. Paul
    • Successful applicants will undergo a complete criminal history check and background investigation, including fingerprinting
    • Applicants who are given a conditional job offer must still pass a physical demands exam and drug test

Training for Correctional Officers in Minnesota


New federal correctional officers in Minnesota must take orientation training at their assigned facility in the state as well as at the Federal Law Enforcement Center in Glynco, GA. Classes and instruction will be in self-defense, firearms, rules, regulations, policies and procedures.


New correctional officers in Minnesota will undergo orientation to the facility to which they are assigned, as well as six weeks of intensive pre-service training in all aspects of the job. Those who successfully complete the training program are automatically promoted from Corrections Officer Trainee to Corrections Officer 1.

Correctional Institutions in Minnesota

Minnesota is home to four federal correctional institutions and ten state correctional facilities. Minnesota corrections officer jobs may be based from any of the following institutions:


  • Federal Prison Camp – Duluth
  • Federal Correctional Institution- Sandstone
  • Federal Medical Center- Rochester
  • Federal Correctional Institution – Waseca


  • Minnesota Correctional Facility – Lino Lakes
  • Minnesota Correctional Facility – Faribault
  • Minnesota Correctional Facility – Rush City
  • Minnesota Correctional Facility – Oak Park Heights
  • Minnesota Correctional Facility – Shakopee
  • Minnesota Correctional Facility – St. Cloud
  • Minnesota Correctional Facility – Willow River/Moose Lake
  • Minnesota Correctional Facility – Stillwater
  • Minnesota Correctional Facility – Togo
  • Minnesota Correctional Facility – Red Wing

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